Pilot 06-28-2014

Listen to Reveal – 06/28/2014

In this episode: the U.S. Coast Guard's accident problem, arsenic in your water, the secrecy surrounding lethal injection drugs and the high cost of a GI Bill degree. Listen above or download our podcast.

Credits – 06/28/2014

Host: Al Letson
Executive Producers: Ben Adair, Susanne Reber
Senior Producer: Mia Zuckerkandel
Editors: Jim Morris, Amy Pyle, Robert Salladay, Mark Katches
Producers: Ben Adair, Michael Montgomery, Adithya Sambamurthy, Mia Zuckerkandel
Reporters: Aaron Glantz, David Heath, Véronique LaCapra, Chris McDaniel, G.W. Schulz, Rebecca Williams
Production Assistance: Allegra Bandy
Mix Engineer: Jim Briggs
RevealRadio.org: Jaena Rae Cabrera, Nikki Frick, Sheela Kamath, Christine Lee, Sam Ward
Senior Management for PRX: Jake Shapiro, John Barth, Kerri Hoffman
Senior Management for CIR: Robert J. Rosenthal, Mark Katches, Joaquin Alvarado, Susanne Reber, Christa Scharfenberg
Promo Narration: Peter Coyote
Director of Distribution and Engagement: Meghann Farnsworth
Distribution and Engagement Manager: Cole Goins
News Engagement Specialist: Kelly Chen
Communications Manager: Julia B. Chan

Reveal is a co-production of The Center for Investigative Reporting and the Public Radio Exchange (PRX). It was co-created by Ben Adair, Susanne Reber, Joaquin Alvarado, John Barth and Kerri Hoffman.

Special thanks to The Center for Public Integrity; Michigan Radio; St. Louis Public Radio; KUT in Austin, Texas; WJCT in Jacksonville, Florida; and “State of the Re:Union.”